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Most Actionable Strategies for a Greater Impact on Social Media

Seven Strategies for a Good Impact on Social Media

Actionable Strategies With the growing amount of social options for creating brand awareness, do you know where to go?

It's impossible to be everywhere, so pick two or three platforms where your customers and prospects hang out and post, share, and comment on a regular basis. To get the most out of your efforts, here are my top 7 actionable strategies for making sure your brand gets optimal impact.

Actionable Strategies

Actionable Strategies

1. Add an engaging LinkedIn headline or Facebook intro: Don't say you're "self-employed" or a "business advisor". Instead, tell people exactly what you can do for them; for example "Copywriter, Marketing Strategist & Brand Storyteller to Accelerate Your Sales & Profits."

2. Write a good compelling summary or about-section: answer the right question "what are you doing?" As with all your marketing messages, you write from your customer's point of view. So what challenges do you solve or provide solutions - that is, the results your customers receive when they work with you?

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3. Update your contact information: Please include your phone number, your full address if you have a store (link to Google Maps) and a link to your website. I'm probably not the only one who's been on the road looking for a particular store and got frustrated while scrolling around looking for an address or phone number. And in the same way I arrived at closed shops, even though their opening hours are listed as "OPEN". If you change your business hours, change your website and all social media listings!

4. Use Branded Images: When it comes to images, make sure to use a professional portrait photo and not a cute image of your dog. Serious! This is your brand we are talking about. Also include a cover photo or background image - don't leave the default blue background (LinkedIn) or blank space. This could be your first impression - make a great impression!

5. Adjust Visual Content: Each social platform has its own design standards when it comes to graphic dimensions, so make sure to adjust your images accordingly. I use Canva to create my images because they make it easy to resize an image for different platforms with a quick click of a button and a few minor design tweaks.

6. Share your videos: according to LinkedIn expert. Goldie Chan, videos are shared three times more often than static images. Create short videos (lasting one to two minutes or less) that clarify a point, teach a lesson, or provide a helpful tip. Add your logo and a call to action.

7. Create a social media calendar: By creating a frame of posts, you can easily share content that resonates with your audience and effectively promote your brand. Use an Excel spreadsheet or download a free template online to get started. List the products and services you want to promote each week, along with inspirations (Motivation Mondays or Fun Fridays), customer stories, blog posts, video tips, shared articles, etc. The list is endless. By creating a framework for each week or month, you no longer have to decide what to post each day and ensure that you don't over sell. These are "social" platforms, not a sales pitch.

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