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7 tips for writing cool text for social networks

7 cool writing tips for text for social networks

Cool Writing Tips: Content is king. The success of the entire promotion strategy depends on how you write it. Marketer Roman Kagan talks about creating catchy content.

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Have you ever felt that you are doing everything you can to improve the quality of the content, but something still goes wrong? Maybe this is so. Today, it takes a social network user eight seconds to find out if he will continue to read the message.

What is good content

Cool Writing TipsI want to share a cool post. The repost trigger can be a witty meme, catchy slogan, thoughtful commercial, or an interesting video. The more exciting the post, the longer the reader stays on the page, it remembers, and is more likely to return.

Cool posts aren't distributed by technology, but by people who use them. If you want to make a cool post, let people discuss something and they will do the rest for you.

Here are seven tips based on Simple play material to create the perfect post on any social network:

1. Write more easily

Cool Writing TipsAs Albert Einstein said, "If you can't explain it simply, it means you don't quite understand it yourself." Avoid clutter and jargon, write clearly, clearly and meaningfully. Memes have gained popularity because they convey the idea briefly and are instantly remembered.

2. Avoid predictability

To get your idea to take root, arouse interest and curiosity. Offer a new perspective on old things, imagine everything from an unusual angle. A good example is an annual video about writer Eric Kalman's social media revolution. Rather than listing social networks and their achievements for the year, the video unites users and countries and provides stats with short sentences and vivid images.

Such content is easy to remember and interesting to discuss. Watch at your leisure.

3. Respond quickly

Cool Writing Tips: Your tweet will easily get re-posted if you are the first to write about something important or new that happened in the industry. This strategy is also suitable for B2B, just don't forget to share information about the topic.

4. Tell a story

People think in stories. Add details and developments so that your message can be retold. The story must be realistic and visual.

5. Play with emotions

Emotions sell content, so trust your audience's portrait when writing a message. Kittens and children are popular because they cause emotions. Humor, fear and inconsistency are the main emotional triggers. Use them to get reposts.

6. Involve the audience

Cool Writing Tips: Ask questions, start a conversation, and ask for an opinion. Content written with the consumer will be much more popular. Engagement can be increased through interactive content, applications, games and competitions.

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7. Fewer sales items

Cool Writing Tips: You don't attract an audience if all content is dedicated to the product. The key to success is messages that are interesting and engaging. Suggest an article that will be remembered under your name, but that is not just about the product.

More than 27 million reposts are made daily, and in 2013, the content marketing industry in the United States alone was worth $ 44 billion. Social networks are clogged with content clutter, but the writers who got through them elicit more than 50% of purchases.

Here's what to aim for! What do you think?

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