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Any cover letter you provide should be specific and strong

Any cover letter you provide should be specific and strong

Any Cover Letter: Don't feel intimidated when it comes to writing cover letters, consider it a great way to provide a powerful addition to your application. When done correctly, it should provide an overview of what you can provide for a specific position. It must be detailed and not general or it will be thrown aside. Research the company, read the job description, and use that information to help you.

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Presentation is everything when it comes to writing cover letters. The person responsible for filling the position may have a small stack of applications to review or a large stack. Either way, you'll want to be one of the few they read all the information about and reach out for an interview. If you don't make it clear why you are a good option, you will be passed over.

300 to 500 words

Any Cover Letter: Do not write a book, it will not be read! Keep it between 300 and 500 words and you'll be fine. 500 words is about one page, with well-thought-out paragraphs. It should have an intro, main text and conclusion. If you get all of this done in less than one page, don't add more to feel it. The quality of what you share is important, not the word count.

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If you are writing the first draft and you have more than one page, you have to go back and filter out non-essential information. Eliminate or compress anything that can be found in the application when writing cover letters. Never leave it all behind and cramp the information into one page with very small font and long paragraphs. No one will read that!


Any Cover Letter: Before writing cover letters, get your thoughts together. Don't let it bounce around. Your introduction should tell you what you intend to say in the body. Each paragraph in the body should share one thought and then move on to the next. The conclusion must be to pack it all in a nice and neat package!


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Grammar and Spelling

Any Cover Letter: Don't rely on your computer to handle all grammar and spelling risks! That's a good starting point, but you should also read every line. It may be helpful to have someone read the lens to you. They can judge it on flow as well as your grammar and spelling. Such mistakes can cost you an interview, so don't give them a chance to slip through.

Be honest

Any Cover Letter: You may have limited work experience or you may not have progressed to the top degree, but you still have plenty to offer. You should always be honest when writing cover letters. Be proud of what you have to offer and how you share it. If you are confident in what you are offering, the person reading it will notice as they go through the information.

It can help to identify different areas of the job description that you can deliver. This can help you write cover letters as it means including details specific to the opening they have. They want to hire someone who has the skills and credentials they need to get the job done right. If you have many, they are often willing to teach the rest.

Any Cover Letter: A great written cover letter will help you get job interviews and job openings. Don't skip this important part of the process. Also, don't rush through it or offer anything that could apply to everyone. It should provide a glimpse into who you are at a professional level.

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