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What to pay attention to when writing your life story

What to pay attention to when writing your life story

Writing Your Life Story: Everyone has a story in them. The question is, how do you condense sixty, seventy, eighty or even ninety years into one memoir? How do you sort the stocks of memories and select the ones that will create the most poignant, meaningful biography? And if you don't consider yourself a creative writer, how do you proceed?

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As a professional life story writer and author of dozens of life stories, I have created a plan to guide anyone interested in putting their memories on paper. Below are six points to consider when writing your life story.

1. Your origin and family

Writing Your Life Story: Fifty years from now, when your great-grandchildren read the stories you have made up about your life, they will live in a completely different world from the one you grew up in. So save that world by writing about your early years and family history. Write down where you grew up, how your family came to live there, and what your daily life was like.

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2. your family

Write about your life partner or the partners you have had along the way. Think about your early dating days, the details of falling in love the first time, and your wedding journey. If you have children, write about their entries and upbringing. Write about their accomplishments and the time you now spend together. Think about parents, siblings, grandparents and other family members and write about them.

3. career

Writing Your Life Story: Write about your first job to your most recent. What work did you enjoy the most? What impact has your work made? Explain your working years.

4) Overcoming obstacles

List the greatest challenges and most difficult days in your life. What trial led to triumph? What great lessons have you learned? Write about the difficult times while looking through a positive, distant lens. You never know who will inspire you in the future.

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5. Adventures

Writing Your Life Story: Don't forget the fun stuff. Have you been on European cruises? Become a member of a square dance club? Have you gone skydiving or won your cherry pie recipe at the fair for three years in a row? Do you write poems, paint or play golf? What more joy and enjoyment is there in your life? Write about the adventures that colored your life.

6. Looking back

To conclude your life story, consider your life as a whole. What are you proud of? Who did you love and enjoy the most? What made your life worth living? What are you most grateful for? As you look inside and finalize your life story, consider these questions.

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